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Packwoods are prerolled tobacco free blunts rolled with 2 grams of top shelf flower, 1 gram of premium wax, dipped in hash oil then rolled in kief. Blue is a potent hybrid strain known for its distinct diesel smell. Expect to feel this hard hitting hybrid all throughout your body as it relaxes each muscle and leaves you in a happy state of euphoria.


Packwoods Cereal Milk. This new strain from Cookies Fam is a cross of Y Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie) and Snowman, a sativa-dominant Cookies pheno. Cereal Milk has a loud flavor with a sweet milk and ice cream nose that will keep you dipping back into your stash

  1. packwoods/cookies blunt contains Hand-rolled in 100% tobacco-free wrap, 2.5 grams of premium flower, high potency extract, glass tip
  2. Cereal Milk is a cross between Snowman x Y-life. Like sipping down the last bit of milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl, you’ll taste sweet fruity cream all the way through the exhale.
  3. With Las Vegas’ evolution from a gambling destination to an international nightclub and festival hot spot, the introduction of a pre-rolled blunt that lends itself to consumption with a group of friends or in any festive situation is ideal and perfectly timed.
  4. The Original Packwoods Cereal Milk  blunt has 2 grams of hand-broken premium flower, dipped in high potency concentrate, rolled in a 100% tobacco-free wrap with an engineered glass filter and then dusted in kief. Like Vegas itself, the original Packwoods Blunt is one of a kind.A hand-rolled masterpiece that can burn for up to 30 minutes, the Packwoods Original made its presence known in the music festival scene in 2018 when they began a partnership with Rolling Loud.  From Los Angeles to Miami they have become a Hip Hop industry staple by presenting their custom artist branded blunts and boss boxes to every performer on the Rolling Loud lineup.

8 reviews for Packwoods Cereal Milk

  1. Leworo

    These strains mixed together make for one of THE absolute best match ups! I’m lovin the 3 packs and can’t wait to tear into the others!👌🤘😍🔥👅💦

  2. Fenoh510

  3. Cewite

    This right here is straight fire. Thanks for having my order delivered as fast as possoble

  4. Dohobek

    The high off of these is pretty lit and I love the fact that there’re all indicas 🥰

  5. Reejipe

    one of the best prerolls I’ve had

  6. wejaka

    If you are looking for a hard hitting joint, then this is your blunt!

  7. boritiw

    Waste no Time, Smoke Cereal Milk by Packwoods and Cookies

  8. kirewi7

    Folks, best Experience of any pen on the Planet!

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