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Packwoods Guava

Signature Packwoods Blunts

Our original Packwoods Guava  blunts are filled with two grams of lab-tested, hand broken, premium flower with high potency concentrate, dusted in kief, rolled up in a 100% tobacco free wrap with an engineered glass filter.



A strain-specific infused blunt by Packwoods.

Packwoods prerolls incorporates 2 grams of top shelf flower that is broken down by hand and never ground up. They use strain specific concentrate to complement and infuse the flower.

They are rolled in a 100% tobacco free, hemp-based wrap and then dusted in sourced dry sift kief from indoor grown flower.

18 reviews for Packwoods Guava

  1. femeram

    i sincerely believe EVERYONE should at least grab this once. The experience alone is worth the price

  2. tator

    Took this to the face and alnost forgot to write this review. Hotboxed my fiesta and i can barely see in here. It burned nice and evenly.

  3. dayete

    I have tried all of the premium pre rolls in the Bay Area and I have to say the Packwoods take #1 with sublime fuzzies in a distant second

  4. nenonen

    The best loaded pre roll

  5. dapeca

    these best pre roll on market lucky me

  6. lefow

    The taste the smell the high. Smoking this huge joint is a magical experience. I love love love these pre-rolls and they are always a hit in a group of people.

  7. coroma

    You can puff puff pass this in a group and it keeps going round and round.

  8. nopibap

    Amazing Took one of these on a trip to Frisco with my hubby and it great . Definitely recommend this

  9. gelin

    The BEST! These are my favorite! You can count on this preroll to do the job 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. fahemol

    Smoking one right now with the Mars OG.. it burns so even. Never runs and just the right amount of everything.. keif, hash,,wax….👌🏼great product!!!

  11. lamani

    THE BOMB!! Hands down

  12. cayor

    Only allowing the highest grade of cannabis flower for their product, are reasons why I’ve always been a #Packwoods fan.

  13. galam

    Pioneering the pre-roll market with a strict flower vetting process.

  14. wahesa

    These will take you to another planet

  15. mahofar

    The Best pre-roll you do with your friend

  16. xoloye

    Dank ass bud! Smooth finish from layer to layer as smoked it came out with blue smoke the high hit within the first 10 minutes and they are epic! Gelato king is hands down the best pre roll!

  17. gabada

    They always sell out fast! I wish the company would put these in every dispensary ☮️💟

  18. gemih

    One of my favorite kind of joints get you baked !!

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